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Full of Energy

Electric Vehicle
Charging for

Fast Charging- Drive The Distance

Single phase or three phase charging will be setup as per sanctioned load. Charge up to 60Amps of current

Residential Chargers

High current and high power for your commercial vehicle needs. Fast charge to faster on-road service.

Commercial Chargers

Load sharing and power regulation for community charging networks. Everyone is charged on priority and the load demand is regulated.

Community Charging

DC charging available.

DC Charging

Smart Software, Robust Safety

Based on the SAE J1772 and IEC Standards. Compatible with all modern vehicles.

Fast Charging

During power up & before each charge session, the charging station performs an extensive safety check. All safety features required by SAE J1772, UL and NEC are standard.

Safety & Self Test

Current is adjustable with WiFi. Charge to full, Charge for Minutes (15 min increments) or Add kWh (1kWh increments).

Power Monitor

WiFi is included. Control, automate and monitor your charging sessions with open software and standard protocols. Tools to integrate charging station with automation and energy monitoring

Wifi and App

Kits and Accessories

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