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Full of Energy

Banergy in collaboration with Blue Robotics introduces ROV and USV products aimed at revolutionizing marine research, conservation efforts, and industrial applications.


Whether you're a scientist, an engineer, a seasoned marine industry veteran or just an enthusiast, our comprehensive ecosystem of marine robotics tools opens up endless possibilities for exploration and advancement.

Marine Robotics

Explore, understand and harness the power of the underwater realm!

The Go-To Underwater ROV

Game changing cost and user friendliness makes BROV2 the Go-To underwater ROV for many marine robotics users.


Being only 15kg, allows single person portability and unmatched usability!

Enter, BROV2!

Rated to 300m, and a battery life of 40 min with vertical bollard thrust of 14kg, the BROV2 is equipped to take on challenging marine environments, previously out of reach!

Reach New Depths

 The integrated USB camera isn't just a tool for flight and navigation! With onboard recording capabilities and with 1000 lumens of lighting power at your disposal, BROV2 has the necessary tools to image the darkest depths!

Observe and Inspect

On board sonar capabilities gives the BROV2 a sense of perception beyond just vision. Be able to peer through the murkiest depths to find targets using the imaging sonar, while using the echosounder to scan the ocean bottom!

Search, Scan & Recover

The Surface

The unique twin hull design allows for plenty of payload space with flowing water while the plastic hullforms provide over 10kg of reserve buoyancy. 

With 10kg of thrust behind the "sail", the Blue Boat can confidently navigate some seriously choppy waters!

Batteries can be added to extend run time from anywhere between 2-8hrs!

Powerful Performance

On-board GPS and Radio communications enables the Blue Boat to bring competent autonomous operations on the water surface. 

Be it position hold or complex survey patterns, Blue Boat is a capable platform for Autonomy on the Water!

Autonomy on the Water

On board echosounder and scanning sonar capabilities makes the Blue Boat capable of advanced bathymetry and hydrographic surveys - an oceanologist's dream!

Bathymetry and Hydrography
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